Reliable, effective air conditioning is vital for any successful New Zealand business, both to control ongoing costs and for legal requirements under Section 44 Building Act 1991.

1M’s team of experienced experts understands these issues and offers the highest standard and best value preventative maintenance and on-call servicing.

The company provides inspection certificates for major infrastructure and commercial buildings as required by the Act. Senior service technicians are appointed to each site as a 1M Site Specialist with additional technical training where required. A rotation of senior staff between buildings ensures 24/7 serviceability and a regular pair of fresh eyes on each site.

Individual plans for each site will differ, but may include visual inspections, filter cleaning, seasonal inspections, and mechanical visits. An annual Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning Maintenance/Inspection Certificate is issued as required under the Building Act.

One of our internal KPIs is to have all service calls answered within 24 hours, seven days a week. We have backup communication systems to ensure this is achieved.

Safety is key to our performance. 1M uses ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices, and a Safety Plan is developed for each site including hazard identification and emergency plans. All our staff have Site Safe qualifications.

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